About miraire

Walk with Mixed Reality

“IRE” means “Walk” in Latin.

Various new encounters can only be obtained by moving around outdoors.
However, many view the future of the internet as a place where everything can be done without leaving one’s home.
We are losing our “Motivation” to move in exchange for the evolution of society.
The more the internet evolves on its present course, the more people lose the need to move outdoors.
miraire uses a technology called X Reality (or X Reality) to create fun motivation that makes people want to move around outside more.

“miraire” was born from the two thoughts of “MIRAI” (future) + “IRE” (walking). “

The world we create

“STREET * X Reality”

Admired heroes appear in familiar everyday life,
discover rare monsters while walking in the morning,
compete with the ideal men who appear in comics for fitness,
enjoy mystery solving with the unparalleled detective.
In the world we create,
the real society (STREET) and the internet society are seamlessly and mutually integrated by xR (X Reality: Cross Reality) technology.
While miraire publishes smartphone applications,
we plan to actively provide content to xR (X Reality: Cross Reality) devices such as Hololens, MagicLeap, and VR.

miraire uses xR (X Reality) technology to transform the real world (STREET) into the world which is more interesting and worth exploring on foot.

Company Profile

Company Name: miraire Inc.
Established: February 22, 2017
Capital: 35 million yen
CEO: Yuta Shiga
Head Office: Queen´s Tower A,2-3-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku,Yokohama 220-6004 Japan

miraire AD Co., Ltd.
miraire PARTNERS Inc.

Yokohama Head Office