A step toward the outside.

Excitement of going to the new place.
You feel the unprecedented wind.
You might meet your friends there.
There might be an event beyond imagination.
Let’s have an adventure like that.

Playing is always an adventure since a long time ago.
It can’t be felt in a house.
It can’t be felt on a screen.

Actually you walk, run, feel, meet, and enjoy.
This is the very adventure.
This is the very future we imagine.

Let’s walk to the future.
Let’s walk in the future.

We have legs.

Walking with MR (Mixed Reality)

“IRE” means “walk” in Latin.

Human being is a creature that hurts health if not walking.

But the Internet realizes the future that such as we can get everything without moving on ourselves.

Therefore we lose walking motivation day by day in exchange for evolution of society.

The more the Internet evolves, the more people will lose the need to walk.

MIRAIRE Inc. uses MR (Mixed Reality) technology to create a pleasant motivation for people to want to walk themselves.

It is a company born from two feelings “MIRAI” (future) + “IRE” (walk).

The World We Create

A hero adored to familiar everyday appearance, discover rare monsters by walking in the morning, compete for fitness with the ideal man who comes out in comics, enjoy modern first detective and puzzle.
In the world that we create, the real society and the net society are seamlessly complemented and mutually complemented by MR (Mixed Reality) technology.

While MIRAIRE Inc. publishes applications for smartphones, we are also actively providing content to MR (Mixed Reality) devices such as Hololens and MagicLeap.

MIRAIRE Inc. uses MR (Mixed Reality) to change the real world to a world that is more enjoyable and worth exploring.

Company Info
  • Company Name...MIRAIRE Inc.
  • Founded...22 Feb. 2017
  • Capital...¥35,000,000
  • President / CEO...Yuta Shiga
  • Address...9F, Toshin Building, 4-17, Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-0002, JAPAN
  • TEL...+81 45 232 4774
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